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As debate continues, former ARC regular and Rallyschool.com.au instructor, Luke Page, gives his thoughts and perspectives on the path the Australian Rally Championship should head.

Luke Page is passionate about Australian rallying.“With the murmurings of rule changes at the top level of the sport, I’m standing in my dark driveway looking into my empty shed, reading all of the ‘bright’ ideas for the future of the sport on Facebook.

At times it’s difficult to sift through all of the overly passionate comments to reveal any actual ideas that may be beneficial to the sport. The positive part of this chatter on social media, however, is the exposing of the amount of passionate people who love the sport as much as I do!

It is no secret I have the desire to be an Australian Rally Champion, to have my name put on the same list as some of the best drivers I admire most – Possum, Murray Coote, Neal Bates and both Simon and Eli Evans....

The challenge now is determining how I get to there from here. Is it possible, what is the path?

I won’t even try to deny the fact I have the blind self-belief in my ability as a driver, a marketable representative of any brand and the burning desire to do whatever it takes, but I’ve used the excuse of not having enough money again and again.

I’m in no way crying poor in this situation, I am extremely fortunate to have a roof over my head and stable work! I just happen to also have an empty shed! This is the situation that I’m working multiple jobs, seven days a week, to fix.

What do I fix it with though? With limited disposable income, what’s the next choice of car? Do I build, do I buy? What will be the future direction of the sport?

Luke-Page-CorollaLuke Page in action in a Toyota Corolla.I have been fortunate enough to rally in both FWD and AWD, my desire is to see the top level return to AWD. The implementation of the next generation of rally cars here in Australia does have to take cost into consideration, but must look and sound spectacular.

There are so many talented drivers out there I want to compete against who need the environment, just like I do, to be consistent and rewarding. I am extremely excited by the prospect of New Zealand and Australia working on classes together, which, in my view, is an extremely positive step. The latest YouTube clips of a certain Peugeot, built by a smart guy with just enough freedoms, makes for spectacular viewing.

Whatever direction the sport takes in the immediate future, I will be working hard to be there and support it. Whether it’s considered a good investment, a waste of money or a foolish dream, the happiness of driving a rally car on the best roads around Australia brings me, hopefully against the best drivers, is well worth the effort I’m putting in now!

Even if there are only a handful like me, the sport, I’m sure, has the brightest of futures.”

- Luke Page

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