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How to Build a Successful Low-Cost Rally Car, a new book by motoring journalist Philip Young, aims to provide simple, cost-effective and reliable tips to guarantee reaching the finishing line and more importantly, get results!

This book concentrates on preparing a car for the many forms of European road-based rallies, including Historic Rallying, from weekend club events to the Classic Marathon, with useful preparation for long distance events like the Peking to Paris, road-rallies for modern cars, and the “Budget Adventure” events like the Mongol Rally and Plymouth to Dakar.

Published by Veloce and containing 150 colour pictures, it concentrates on tips for reliability...items like waterproofing, ensuring the exhaust doesn’t fall off, the radiator doesn’t vibrate loose, the engine mounts don’t break, etc. This book gets back to basics, and is packed with workshop photographs. There are also chapters on personal preparation including staying healthy, coping with border crossings, and seeking sponsorship.

Author Philip Young says, "Hopefully the book goes some way to debunking the myth that rally preparation is about high cost and high technology - some of the tips in the book consist of ordinary household items, from silicone bathroom sealer to wire coat hangers that cost zippo, but transform reliablility."

Although the book concentrates on preparing a car for trans-continental rallies and marathons, it is full of great ideas and helpful advice applicable to almost any rally car and is a worthwhile read for anyone wishing to build a car for rallying. It’s easy to read, assumes the reader knows something about cars and rallies, and is written in everyday speak so that the first-time novice or the experienced competitor will get something out of it. Certainly worth a read.

The 96-page book is available from RallySport Magazine’s online store for just $44.95 plus postage.

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