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Western Australian tarmac rally enthusiasts are set to get an exciting new competition with the launch of the West Australian Targa Cup.

The West Australian Targa Cup will be a points based competition, bringing together popular Western Australian rally events Quit Targa West, Targa South West, McRae Rallysprint series, Shannons Busselton Sprint, Targa City Sprint and a brand new event for 2015, the Targa Bunbury Sprint.

Tarmac regular and Bunbury local Will White welcomes news of Bunbury Targa Sprint. Photo: CMR PhotographyOn completion of each of these events, competitors will receive a number of points depending on how they placed in that round and the factor of the event – with the most points on offer for Quit Targa West which is a factor ten event. Competing in every round will not be compulsory to be in the running for the Cup, but the more rounds participated in, the greater the number of points accumulated.

Targa West Event Director Ross Tapper says that the support for Western Australia to have its own Targa competition series is definitely there.

“Tarmac rally has been increasing in popularity in Western Australia over the past few years, and as a result of this we are pleased to announce that Targa West Events now has a portfolio of ten events, including two major rallies – Quit Targa West and Targa South West. This growing portfolio makes the sport more accessible to competitors and spectators,” said Mr Tapper.

“We have received an enthusiastic response and support from rally regulars in regards to the West Australian Targa Cup, and we expect the Cup’s contention to add to the excitement of the upcoming tarmac rally season.”

McRae Rallysprint

The West Australian Targa Cup season commences with the opening of the seventh season of the McRae Rallysprint series held at Perth Motorplex on October 29. The McRae Rallysprint is a factor one event in the West Australian Targa Cup, with points being awarded to competitors placing from 1st to 20th.

Last season’s Rallysprint series winner Troy Wilson says the McRae Rallysprint is an enjoyable event which caters to all kinds of motorsport levels.

“You can choose how competitive you want to be – I don’t really care if I finish first, tenth or last, my priority is fun and if I do win, then that’s just a bonus,” said Mr Wilson.

“My car is built for motorsport, but there’s also a lot of people who bring down their daily drive – it’s an event that is quite low-wearing on your car.

“My recommendation to anyone who wants to give it a go, is to bring a passenger – it’s all good fun going fast and scaring yourself, but it is even better when you have someone next to you sharing that fear.”

The Rallysprint comprises of a 3.25 kilometre special stage which is run four times, giving competitors a total competitive distance of approximately 13 kilometres for the event.

Entries are open for the October 29 round of Rallysprint, and more information on how to enter can be found on www.rallysprints.com.

Targa Bunbury Sprint

The Targa Bunbury Sprint, supported by the City of Bunbury, is a completely new event for the 2016 motorsport calendar which will see competitors run tight and technical stages situated in the Halifax Light Industrial area, not far from the Bunbury City Centre.

The event will take place on Sunday, June 26. On the Saturday, the cars will be scrutineered at the Bunbury TAFE where apprentice mechanics will be given the opportunity to assist. This will be followed in the evening with a Show’N’Shine event on Victoria Street, in the heart of Bunbury’s popular café strip.

Bunbury resident and Targa West event regular Will White says he and other tarmac competitors are excited about having a local competition.

“I’ve been speaking to local competitors and we are all looking forward to this year’s inaugural Targa Bunbury Sprint,” said Mr White. “It will be fabulous for our family and sponsors to see us in action so close to home, and for the local community to get to see experience some great tarmac rally action.

“Let’s hope it can become an annual event.”

West Australian Targa Cup eligibility and calendar

The West Australian Targa Cup competitors will compete in categories according to their vehicles manufacture date – these categories will be:  
•    Outright Modern (all modern),
•    Early Modern (1986 – 2002),
•    Outright Classic (1972 – 1985) and
•    Early Classic (1947 – 1971).

To be eligible, all vehicles will have to comply with the current CAMS Tarmac Rally Technical Regulations.
Competitors with eligible cars will automatically go into the running for the West Australian Targa Cup by entering one of the below events.

The Western Australian Targa Cup calendar:   
McRae Rallysprint, Perth Motorplex, Thursday 29 October 2015, Factor 1 event
McRae Rallysprint, Perth Motorplex, Thursday 26 November 2015, Factor 1 event
McRae Rallysprint, Perth Motorplex, Thursday 14 January 2016, Factor 1 event
McRae Rallysprint, Perth Motorplex, Thursday 11 February 2016, Factor 1 event
McRae Rallysprint, Perth Motorplex, Thursday 10 March 2016, Factor 1 event
Shannons Busselton Sprint (run by the WA Car Club), Saturday 23 April 2016, Factor 1 event
Targa South West, Manjimup & Pemberton, 21 – 22 May 2016, Factor 5 event
Targa Bunbury Sprint, Sunday 26 June 2016, Factor 2 event
McRae Rallysprint, Perth Motorplex, Sunday 17 July 2016, Factor 1 event
Quit Targa West, Perth and surrounds, 11 – 14 August 2016, Factor 10 event
Targa City Sprint, Perth, Sunday 14 August 2016, Factor 1 event

To receive more information on the West Australian Targa Cup please email [email protected]

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