The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) and the Australian Rally
Commission (ARCom) have noted the recent release by the AASA regarding a series
purporting to be an ‘Australian Rally Championship’. 

"I think the timing is a bit of cheeky festive season merry-making by the
AASA. To suggest the Australian Rally Championship's long and distinguished
tradition, which dates back 40 years, can just be appropriated for any group
of events does a disservice to the memory of our past champions and devalues
their achievements - even if it was intended tongue-in-cheek," Chairman
of the Australian Rally Commission, Colin Trinder, said today. 

"The battle honours won in the forest by the likes of Harry Firth, Possum
Bourne, Cody Crocker, Neal Bates and Simon Evans can't just be usurped and I
don't think anyone will be fooled" Trinder said. 

"Rallying is a broad church and part of the appeal is that we try as best we
can to welcome everyone," continued Trinder. "The broad categories announced
by the AASA are already provided for within CAMS’ own vehicle eligibility
framework. ARCom is always happy to receive submissions suggesting
alternatives, particularly where there is a consensus that people want
changes to the way their sport is packaged and run," Trinder said. 

"ARCom is appointed by CAMS to make decisions in relation to Australian
rallying, and we recognise that there are some big challenges facing
rallying right now. We will be examining both the strategic direction and
range of reforms early in the new year. We will watch with interest for
further details regarding the AASA proposal to emerge and we will make an
appropriate response in due course," Trinder said.

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