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Victorian driver Nat Presutto has progressed from a 1974 Datsun 200B to a 2006 model Subaru Impreza WRX STi.

He now plans on contesting the 2008 Australian Rally Championship, for a shot at the ARC Rally Challenge.

Here’s his profile:

Name: Nat Presutto

Age: 31

How long have you been involved in rallying?
Over 5 years

What was your first event?
2001 Akademos Rally - VRC

What was your first car?  
1974 Datsun 200B

What is your current car?
2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STi

Driver or Navigator? Driver

How did you get started in rallying?
I was originally involved in circuit racing, but was coaxed into rallying by a close friend who promised "it will be cheaper than circuit..." Famous last words! But I got hooked straight away and never looked back... rallying is way too much fun!

What are you best results so far?
- Won the 2004 Victorian Rally Championship in Class P6
- 4th outright and 1st Group N in the 2006 Cerberus Stages Rally (VRC)
- Best is yet to come...

What is your favourite rally?
NGK Rally of Melbourne – best roads ever!

What’s the biggest crash you’ve had?
Rolled the Datsun at 140kph! We got it back on its wheels but they were all facing in different directions... it didn’t drive very well after that!!

What are your aims in rallying?
My aim is to grow as a driver and to always push myself to do better.
Our current car, which we bought at the beginning of this year, is a completely different car to our previous Subaru in every way! Hence we’ve taken a step to the side from serious competition for the 2007 season, although still doing a few selected events, we are spending this time to get ourselves and the car right for a red hot go in the 2008 ARC. Our plan is to win the NEC ARC Rally Challenge.

Who are your sponsors?
Our major sponsor is SBARU PARTS, who in conjunction with Subaru specialists Lucas Automotive, take care of all preparation and maintenance of the rally car.  We also receive fantastic support from  Hubble Fotografix, Melbourne Wide Radiators,   LaScentia Perfumes, The Terminus Hotel, Top Torque Engines,   Nissco  and  LeMans Automotive

Who do you admire most in Australian rallying?
Simon Evans, for his fighting never-say-die attitude.  Plus, also every rally official around Australia for allowing us to do what we love. 


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