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European Rally Championship set to be decided this weekend

Alexey Lukyanuk

The winner of the fifth FIA regional rally championship is expected to be decided this weekend.

Four series have already been decided, won by Manvir Baryan (African), Yuya Sumiyama (Asia Pacific), Gustavo Saba (Codasur) and Ricardo Trivino (Nacam).

Waiting now is the sixth and final series, the European Championship, where the penultimate round is this weekend in Poland.

Second placed driver, Bruno Magalhaes, has not entered Poland and stated he does not expect to enter the final round (Liepaja).

Drivers count best six scores from eight, leaving the leader Alexey Lukyanuk (pictured) with the chance of clinching the title in Poland.

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The only regional title remaining after ERC is the Middle East series, led by Nasser Al Attiyah, ahead of Vojtech Stajf with two rounds still to go, on the first and third weekends on November.

Respect for the Russian Lukyanuk comes from Magalhaes: “To be honest (Alexey) is a fair winner because he shows during the whole year that he’s the fastest driver.

“Sometimes too fast and makes some mistakes, but I can understand his position. He’s so fast and has his own rhythm and sometimes it’s difficult to go one step down.”

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