The KCF Rallysport Sprint was run in the forests around Glastonbury in Queensland on April 14,  with Hyundai Excels showing they can hold their own against the 4WD cars. A Hyundai Excel took first outright, with Tristan Carrigan at the wheel, co-driven by Jennifer Garth. Ryan Williams brought his Excel in equal second, matching times with Mel Bergmann and Larissa Biggar in their Subaru Legacy. The tight and twisty Glastonbury stages were the perfect place to showcase the Excel’s abilities, especially now that Tristan and Ryan had fitted limited slip differentials. "We fitted plate type diffs and they have absolutely transformed the cars,” Tristan said. "We wanted to get the basics right, and see what these Excels could do. So that means a limited slip diff, and good suspension and tyres. Diff, suspension and tyres are the important bits for going fast in the forest'. "We also tossed the brake booster in the bin, and fitted a balance bar arrangement that bolts straight in." While Tristan has experience in a well sorted front wheel drive car, it was Ryan Williams who really showed his potential. Ryan was less than half a second per kilometre away from Tristan on nearly every stage. "I started on new tyres, but Ryan’s tyres had already done an event. Plus it was his first time competing in a car fitted with an LSD,” Carrigan said. “Add into the mix that he is still only 19, co-driver Meeka Kilbride was competing in her first ever rally event,  and it's only a matter of time before he shows me up for being the old slow farmer that I am!" Ryan and Tristan will continue to make the Excels faster, with Ryan’s father, Ed Williams, performing most of the development work,  and will soon be joined by a third driver with an identical Excel in Queensland competition. Their aim is to see just what can be achieved when a "Bang for Buck" attitude is applied to rallying. The KCF Rallysport Sprint series moves to the forests of Jimna on June 23.
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