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ARCom has agreed to allow Group N (P) cars to compete in state championship rallies, despite some opposition.

Some state-level competitors, and indeed ARCom,  were concerned that the Group N (P) cars would have an advantage over many of the current front-running state level cars.

“However ARCom reasoned that the Group N (P) cars are no faster than the latest Mitsubishis or Subarus, which are already allowed to compete at state level,” chairman Ed Ordynski said today.

“By allowing these cars to compete at a state level, we are also encouraging the flow-on effect that will see Group N (P) cars move into the hands of privateers who may wish to compete at a state level,” he added.

“We also had an onus to allow this to happen as part of the original Group N(P) agreement.  Yes, they are faster than the older cars at state level, but if we don’t legislate to keep late model Subarus and Mitsubishis out of state events then we should not discriminate against Toyota.”

This decision was in fact taken last year – ARCom has simply cleared up the wording to ensure that it is clear the cars are eligible to compete.

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