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Kiwi fuel provider Gull New Zealand knows what it’s like to be the underdog, and that developing a strong footing in any competition - be it business or sport takes time, persistence and commitment.

Staunch supporters of developing Kiwi Motorsport, Gull New Zealand are putting their efforts into developing the 2WD class of drivers in this year’s New Zealand Rally Championship (NZRC) - support which is welcomed by the series which aims to grow involvement in the sport as well as calibre of drivers going forward.

“The 2WD class if a great place for people to start in both driving and co-driving,” says NZRC Chairman Peter Johnson.  “As a series we promote development of the drivers skill and understanding through this class, it’s the perfect breeding ground for champions as well as the professional growth of drivers wanting to succeed in Rally.  It’s fantastic that Gull understands this vision and are supportive of our approach.”

For Gull New Zealand’s Business Development Manager Ulrik Olsen, “Supporting the NZRC 2WD class means we’re making an investment in the future of the sport.  We’re interested in supporting drivers to develop their future potential, and this support shouldn’t just be reserved for those who are competing at the highest levels.”

The 2WD class of the New Zealand Rally Championship is not normally one which receives a lot of attention from media and spectators, however with exciting emerging mechanical developments in the field the 2WD class has the potential to be just as competitive as it’s big 4WD brother class in the not-so-distant-future.

Olsen says “it’s like supporting any sport at the grass-roots level - if you do this then you’re insuring the future of the field. This allows for champions to be bred, and we like to know we’ve contributed to making this happen as well as keeping the sport healthy here in New Zealand”. 

Gull New Zealand is sponsoring the 2WD New Zealand Rally Championship via its emerging brand of premium race fuel, Gull Force Pro.  A sustainable, ethanol based fuel produced here in New Zealand which allows for greater power output and cooler running temperatures, Gull Force Pro serves as both an environmental and economic revolution in the motorsport industry. Gull hopes to develop the market for this fuel which is now being endorsed by some of the country’s most skilled drivers and race engineers.

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