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Major changes to Rally Australia route and sub-events

Rally Australia organisers are making major changes to the event, with the national events the first to be cancelled.

The horrific NSW bushfires mean that only the World Rally Championship component of the rally will be run, and on a much-changed rally route.

An official bulletin from the Clerk of Course, Brian Everitt, late on Saturday night stated:

“Due to Bush Fires in the Coffs Coast area the National Competition (i.e. Car Nos 80 – 151) has had to be cancelled.

The WRC event will continue.

Consequently, there will be no points awarded to the National Event or any subsequent championships, and there will be no awards presented for the Rally.

We welcome any competitor who would like to provide “demonstration” runs on the Destination NSW Super Special Stage and Raleigh Raceway. It is anticipated the 2 stages will run multiple times to provide sufficient distance to make it worthwhile. If you wish to participate, please advise the ARC CofC by 5pm Monday, 11 November, 2019.

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We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused to you and your team and we appreciate your understanding.

Should you choose to withdraw the entry fee will be refunded in accordance with NCR 59 (iii);
* To persons whose entry is not accepted
* In the case of the rally not taking place due to force majeure

If you would like your entry refund to be donated to the Coffs Coast Rural Fire Service, please advise Rally Australia Competitor Services in writing by Sunday 17 November 2019.”

RallySport Magazine will have more information on the route and itinerary changes as they come to hand.

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