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Rally Australia competitors Ross Cox and Janet Binns had the luckiest of escapes when their Mitsubishi Galant VR4 crashed into a creek on the Nambucca stage on Day 2 of the event. Thanks to the quick actions of spectators, the pair were saved from serious injury, or possibly even death. The VR4 hit a bridge and rolled into a creek on Rhones Creek Road, landing upside down.

The Galant VR4 crashed off the bridge and into the deep water of the creek.

According to reports, Cox was unconscious in the car and spectators on the scene were able to jump into the water and roll the car over before it sunk to the bottom of the creek. Cox and Binns were then assisted from the stricken vehicle.
“(We) have realised if we had crashed in some similar situation without help the result could have been much worse,” Cox said on his Facebook page.
“We are both a bit battered, Janet more so, but are both alive. Thank you.” It’s a happy outcome from a situation that could have been much, much worse.

Quick work by nearby spectators may have saved the lives of Ross Cox and Janet Binns.

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