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MTA ramps up NSW Rally Championship support

MTA NSW CEO, Stavros Yallouridis (left) and NSW Rally Panel Chairman, John Sparkes.

The Motor Traders Association of NSW (MTA NSW) has announced their continued support of the NSW Rally Championship.

Announcing the ongoing partnership at the recent Rally NSW Awards Presentation Night, MTA NSW, CEO Stavros Yallouridis, said: “We are very excited to continue to partner with the MTA NSW Rally Championship which provides an excellent platform for promoting the Motor Traders’ Association.

“The value we received in 2018 prompted a 30% increase in our support for the upcoming 2019 season”.

NSW Rally Panel Chairman, John Sparkes, said “This is fantastic news for rallying in NSW and allows us to continue on from the work we began in 2018. We have been able to significantly increase the promotion of our premier rally series whilst also providing a great opportunity to promote the MTA NSW through our exciting sport.

“We are thrilled to be able to extend the MTA NSW partnership”.

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The Motor Traders’ Association of NSW represent automotive businesses across the State as an employer’s Association. Founded in 1910, MTA NSW assists Members in the operations of their business, as well as lobbying governing bodies to ensure a long and viable automotive industry in NSW.

The first round of the MTA NSW Rally Championship will be the ‘Mitta Mountain Rally’ on the 2nd of March.

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