Next week’s opening round of the 2007 FIA World Rally Championship will see a number of changes introduced to the sporting regulations for the championship.

While Citroen’s return to the sport with the brand new C4 World Rally Car will be the big talking point, keen WRC fans will also be keeping an eye on the following new rules.

1.    Super 2000 cars are eligible to compete within the Production Car WRC. Once again, six out of eight events must be nominated.
2.    The Junior WRC now runs without the name "world". This year, six out of seven events must be nominated.
3.    SupeRally continues, but with a minimum ten-minute penalty. For any third and further missed stage or road section, there will be an extra five-minute penalty for each incident.
4.    On a road section, a competition car may only be driven on four wheels and tyres. Any infringement will be reported to the Stewards, who may impose a penalty.
5.    Each championship car is limited to a total of six engines per season (fewer if the team has nominated to enter fewer than 15 rallies). There will be a five-minute penalty if the limit is exceeded. Mid-season engine development is not allowed. A box containing an example of each valve, piston, valve spring, camshaft, cylinder head, block and all other homologated engine parts must be sealed and deposited one week before the start of reconnaissance for Monte Carlo Rally.
6.    Transmissions will be sealed for use between six different pairs of events. Subframes, turbochargers and steering racks are also subject to sealing.
7.    Each team can use 10 chassis for testing and for use on events per year (fewer if the team has nominated to enter fewer than 15 rallies).
8.    Each registered championship World Rally Car must have two accident data recorders fitted.
9.    Remote Service Zones may be created, with restricted numbers of personnel allowed to work on cars and using (generally) only equipment and parts carried by the competing cars.
10.     M1 and M2 teams are out. Instead, they are called Manufacturers' (who must enter every event with one driver being the same for every event); or Manufacturers' Teams (the name of the manufacturer not necessarily being included in the title, and not using cars homologated after 2 January 2007, and entering a minimum of ten events).  

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