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The Geoff Portman Story – ‘For Tonight We Ride’

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The Geoff Portman Story – ‘For Tonight We Ride’

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“For Tonight, We Ride!”, is the life story of Geoff Portman, a two-time Australian Rally Champion.

Geoff was a passionate and incredibly talented rally driver who exposed a myth and showed us all that there actually was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, which in Geoff’s case was a Datsun Rally Team “works” drive.

For the 19 months that Geoff, under the stewardship of Nissan’s Howard Marsden, drove the works Datsun Stanzas he amassed a significant number of wins and the praise of many.  It was however his dedication and iron-fisted will to reach the dizzy heights of Australian rallying and gain that “works” driver status which is so fascinating. His prodigious talent and skill behind the wheel, his determination to succeed and his ability to build and develop a team of dedicated followers is something that all Australian rallyists should know about!

For Tonight, We Ride! takes us through Geoff’s journey, from the time his was born until that day in April, 2021 when he booked into the final Control.

Not only does For Tonight, We Ride! tell the story of Geoff Portman’s 48 year rallying career, we also go back to Geoff’s early family days; his schooling; how he became involved in rallying as a young forester; we relive stories on all his dedicated and faithful service crew; we present a definitive history of his most famous rally car, IFK 250; we tell Geoff’s own story of his 18 Alpine Rallies – of which he won six – and of course there is a comprehensive competition history.

The “coffee table” format, hard cover book spans 274 satin pages, with over 220 photographs – many of which are in colour.

The publication will be printed on a pre-order basis.  Expected delivery date is mid-February, 2022 therefore there is some urgency in finalising your order.  If we can get 100 copies pre-sold and printed, you will be assisting Neuroendocrine Cancer Australia as the reduction in printing costs will enable me to make a sizeable donation to the organisation which helped Geoff and his family so much during his final years.

I hope this will be a rather exclusive adornment for your coffee table and it provides you with many happy memories of a dedicated sportsman, a great man and a wonderful mate.

– Bruce Keys, author

Out of stock

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