A Scottish rally driver has been fined £5000 and banned from all motorsport competition for 10 years. Quintin Milne was caught in a forest riding a motorbike before last year's Grampian Rally, something he had done on 'multiple occasions' according to the Scottish Motor Sport Council's National Court. “Was I expecting a ban or a punishment? Yes, of course I was,” Milne told British weekly Motorsport News.
“The 10-year thing is, in my opinion, and in many others judging by social media, out of hand.
“People have had a ban for a year or two for doing things that can endanger people’s lives. They told me they were going to make an example of me. Out of principal, unless the police tell me it’s wrong, I’ll ride my bike in the forest. You’re allowed to roam in Scotland but the Forestry Commission don’t like it.
“The 10-year ban? You would get less time for murder.
“To appeal, I’d have to pay the fine, and then I’d likely not get it back. Out of principle, there’s no way I’m paying that fine.” Any competition licence holder found on a known special stage or Forestry Commission land at any time and in any vehicle will be disqualified from the event, and referred to the MSC National Court, according to the British Association's rule book.

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