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RallySport Mag on the verge of closure

RallySport Magazine has been providing rally news to Australia and New Zealand for almost 30 years.

RallySport Magazine | Australia's Best Rally Magazine

Now, despite receiving over 12,600 unique users each month, the website is on the brink of closure – leaving a huge gap in national rally coverage.

For more than a decade, the website has provided FREE rally news, feature stories, event reports and editorial comment.

However, whilst we have a passion for rallying, we cannot continue to provide this professional outlet without financial support.

  • Running the website at a considerable loss is no longer an option
  • We thank the small number of supporters and advertisers who have shown their support in the past

I believe the time has come for those who benefit from the sport to help secure the future viability of the site, whether you are businesses, sponsors, competitors or clubs.

  • We’re not looking for charity.
  • We want to partner with you and your business for a brighter future.

This provides businesses, involved in the motorsport industry, with the potential for real sales improvement.

RallySport Mag gives you the opportunity to communicate with your customers in a way not available through mainstream advertising.

Car clubs and organisers can benefit too.

For the website to continue, we need businesses to commit to supporting the website.

  • For a commitment of as little as $50 a month, for 12 months, your business will help to secure the future of RallySport Magazine.

You will also receive personalised advertising on the website, as well as a listing on our new supporters’ trade directory page, and the opportunity to promote your products through special, targeted editorial stories on www.rallysportmag.com

RallySport Magazine, May 2006

Rally fans who aren’t business owners can also contribute to the RallySport Magazine cause by making a small monthly contribution to ensure the site’s future.

Event organisers: talk to us about a promotional package of advertising for your next event.

Your investment will not only secure the future of RallySport Magazine, but will also help to provide the resources for even more news stories, opinion pieces, event reports and feature stories on both sides of the Tasman.


If you want RallySport Magazine to continue, you need to ACT NOW by clicking HERE.

And please tell your rally friends to help spread the word further.

I appreciate your support.

Peter Whitten, RallySport Magazine




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