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By our hard-hitting rally observer, "Flat In Fifth"

As club level rallies are the “lungs” of our sport, why do our rule makers hold on to the silly notion of homologation and pre and post 1986 rules?
Oh yeah, we had to do that as we had 650 cars wanting to start  each event and we had to curb the numbers…..
Look, if I can get it registered and I can drive it on the road, why can’t I enter it in a rally? Do the rule makers think that if some club guy turns up in a Sylvia with a 2 litre turbo that it is going to knock off the State Champion? Surely not.
If our sport is to survive at club level let us drive what we want to drive. If they will register it,  let me run it. It’s more than likely that I will have some fun and use up some tyres and petrol, making not only my team, but my suppliers happy.
I have never seen a sport with so many damn rules. You just about need a QC to read the CAMS Manual and you certainly just about need one at scrutineering.
Rallying is a club level, fun activity for PARTICIPANTS. Without them you have no rallying.
The new clothing rule this year has claimed at least 10 competitors that I know of.  Well done. If they don’t rally they won’t die in the fire I suppose! A great way to manage the risk.

We all know that safety is important, but competing for many is marginal at best. When we lose competitors, all other parts of the sport are at risk – many events now are marginal to run economically.  Why? Lack of PARTICIPANTS!
I reckon rallying has been the best thing to get Drifting recognised as a legitimate motorsport. We did it by imposing rule after rule and made it so hard to go rallying, the next best thing is drifting.
Let me drive the car I want to drive in rallies, not some unaffordable homologated car, with no grunt and no sound!
Or would you prefer I go drifting? Come on Ed (Ordynski), you know you want to………
Want to debate the issue? See you in the Forum!

* The views expressed in this column are not necessarily those of RallySport Magazine. 

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