At RallySport Magazine, we not only want to provide our subscribers with the latest and greatest rally content, but we want to help drivers and teams to grow their stature in the sport.

Utilising our Team PR services, you can promote yourself and your sponsors across a wide range of media in a simple and easy way.

Sponsors are demanding and you’ve got to look after them – we can help you do that.

Keeping your name in the spotlight long after a fantastic win, a podium finish or a solid result can be done with help from our dedicated team.

Our commitment to you …

We will work closely with your team to develop a plan to promote and grow your online presence.

Press releases, social media and engaging online content are all key to servicing your sponsors and supporters.

Our goal is to use each element in conjunction with one another to create an unrivalled online presence for your team.


Modern technology means we can provide comprehensive updates remotely


Written exclusively by the RSM team with great detail, including quotes from drivers and/or team members


Our talented photographers are at many events across Australia and New Zealand, capturing your team in action


Subject to services required, pricing is negotiated on either an event-by-event basis, or for an entire rally season

The details.

Once you and your team flags your interest with us, we get to know you and what you’re trying to achieve.

This ensures we can provide you with the best possible service, tailored to your goals.

We take care of the promotion on a rally weekend, so you don’t have to worry.


Press Releases

Keep your supporters up to date with releases containing the news of your rally.

Quotes and other important information which is relevant to you and your team’s results.

●  Communicated in a professional e-mail release format.

●  Sent to prominent motorsport media and your close fans, sponsors and

local media.*

●  Press release link available for social media communication on your pages.

●  Articles free to read on RallySport Magazine.

Social Media

In the loop and in the know – that’s how we believe your followers should feel on a daily basis.

We know that keeping people updated is often the last thing you’re thinking about on a rally weekend.

Utilise this package to upkeep the running of your social media channels without hassle!

●  Several posts to your social media channels during a rally weekend

●  Image updates*

●  Onboard videos*

Photo and Video

The most engaging online content is without doubt accompanied by photos and videos.

Within this package, we’ll be with you on event capturing you and your team in action in both photo and video format.

This will create endless online opportunities across all areas.

●  Complete access to our event photo and video library of you and your team

●  Video content posted to social media

For more information and to discuss our services for your next event, please get in contact with us.