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At a recent Meeting of the ARC, a number of promotional initiatives were discussed to provide additional media interest in the championship. Traditionally, the media day has provided crews with some exposure to the media on the Friday morning before the rally. A concept was hatched to give the media a clear message and story about the rally that was about to unfold.

A V8 -F1 style "Shootout" will be tried for the first time on the Friday of the Sprint Auto Parts Rally SA. Both organisers and CAMS believe the Pedders No Bull Shootout will extend the viewing opportunities for spectators, service crews, media and anyone attending. Rather than just some unofficial times being used to promote the rally, media journalists and photographers will have an opportunity to craft real content for the evening news and national media outlets.

The Pedders No Bull Shootout stage will be in addition to the Shakedown & VIP rides the event conducting a timed special stage for which points will be allocated on the basis of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 for places 1st to 10th and these points will be added to the points awarded for each Heat to determine the Outright winners of the ARC event.

All ARC entered crews are eligible to participate in the Shootout, however participation is not compulsory and in the event of a crew being prevented from taking the start on Friday evening, due to problems sustained during the Shootout, the situation will be considered to fall under the provisions of Article 13.4 of the ARC Sporting Regulations.

Tyres used for this special stage will not be considered to be part of the maximum numbers specified in ARC Technical regulations article 4. On the Thursday of the event, Registered ARC Crews can recce the "Shootout" stage. Crews will not need to bring Recce Cars to the stage on Friday.

The Pedders No Bull Shootout course is 3 kilometres in length and consistent with the weekend roads with good access and visual points for TV, Corporate Guests and Public.

Friday 6:00am - Shootout Service Park Opens: The Service Park is central to the main precinct (official welcome, shootout presentation, main corporate viewing points) Everyone present can enjoy the morning activities.

8.00 am - Competitor Briefing: Explanation of the day, format and expectations at the Sprint Auto Parts Corporate facility.

7:15- 8:45am Untimed Practice Period (recce) - In competition cars for the purpose of checking notes from day previous (relevant if overnight rain etc) One run each will be allowed

8:45 - 9:30am Qualifying Period - All participating crews will get 2 timed qualifying runs within the allocated time period. One minute intervals will be used for timing.

The start position of the Shootout will be determined by performance in the qualifying period with the fastest run in Qualifying being the last car in the shootout. Only the fastest 10 cars from Qualifying will make it through to the Shootout. The official times from Qualifying would be kept secret from competitors until the Official Welcome.

9:00am – Invited Guests and Media registrations and arrival

9:45am – The Official Welcome will be conducted in front of all guests and competitors and will include an explanation of the Pedders No Bull Shootout and conclude with the results from Qualifying and the line up of the Shootout crews.

Stage times will be read out from 10th down and placed on the scoreboard, with the relevant top three competitors stepping forward and being interviewed about their qualifying form and expectations for the shootout and the weekend's rally.

10:00 - 10:30am – The Pedders No Bull Shootout: After Cars 00 and 0 check for safety and the stage is green, Competitors will commence the stage at 1 minute intervals in order of 10th fastest to fastest from the qualifying position earlier.

At the corporate/public spectator point, a split time and commentary system will keep the spectators informed as progress of the stage is completed.

10:45 – The Pedders No Bull Shootout Presentation will be conducted at the official welcome area where there will be a normal event style presentation, announcing recognising and the top three shootout competitors

11:00 - 12.30 VIP/ Media/Corporate Rides – this will be as per normal procedure for invited crews.

12:30 - 14:00 Shakedown and VIP ride day for other crews, by appointment only.

The Pedders No Bull Top 10 is a new initiative of the ARC and has been developed to provide additional media awareness for the ARC, partipating competitors and the event. It is hoped that all crews will participate and enjoy the extra focus and attention that the shootout hopes to provide.

Scott Pedder, from Pedders commented " I hope the crews get out there and do the best they can, put on a show and win the money. I wish I could take on Simon, Glen, Neal and the boys! I'll be watching with the cheque book ready!"

Ivar Stanelis, Sprint Auto Parts Rally SA Director added "We are always looking to add greater interest to the championship, extend viewing opportunities, and generate more excitement. I think this initiatve will do that, and also provide another and interesting story angle for media - especially TV"

Further details will be issued in a bulletin by Rally organisers.
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