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UD Trucks has announced it will sponsor leading Australian and International rally driver Dean Herridge, providing his Australian Rally Championship team with a new UD MK 245 truck, enabling his Perth based Maximum Motorsport operation to transport its Group N Subaru Impreza WRX and equipment around the nation.

The Maximum Motorsport team arguably travels more kilometres each year than any other regular competitors in the Australian Rally Championship, completing the long grind across the Nullarbor five times this year.

The team took delivery of the truck in early May and its first journey will be across the Nullarbor to the Rally of Canberra, a round of both the Australian and Asia Pacific Rally Championships.

According to UD Trucks general manager John Bushell, the company decided to back Dean Herridge because it felt the team provides valuable promotional opportunities, as well as demonstrating some important synergies with UD customers.

“Dean and the team will give us some great exposure all around the country as well as providing the opportunity for promotional ride days for  our dealers and customers,” Bushell said.

“However more importantly, with a tough travel schedule they will really push the MK245, proving its efficiency and reliability.

“Like a lot of small transport operators Maximum Motorsport has to watch its expenditure, particularly in terms of fuel use and maintenance.

“They can’t afford to have the truck let them down when they are on a tight deadline on the other side of the country and the new UD will ensure that they always meet those deadlines,” he added.

Herridge says the main beneficiary of the new UD will be his father Rob, himself a twice-Australian Rally Champion and former transport operator in Western Australia.

“Dad is the one who has to take the big drive every time we head east for a rally and he is extremely pleased that he won’t have to put up with our old  and uncomfortable dual cab pantech, now that we have the new UD,” Dean said.

“UD’s support has enabled us to re-direct our resources into other areas that will help us to be on a more competitive footing with our factory backed rivals from Ford and Toyota,” he added.

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