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All-new Group N5 comes to the WRC

One of the Ford Fiesta Group N5 cars entered in Spain. Photo: RMC Motorsport

The 2018 Catalunya Rally entry list reveals that four Group N5 cars have been entered, a Peugeot 308, a Renault Clio and two Ford Fiestas.

The Spanish federation inspired Group N5 is the latest manifestation of the global rallying trend to circumvent the traditional Appendix J regulations, governing the eligbility of cars which can be driven on World Championship rallies.

This formula follows the Maxi Rally movement pioneered in Argentina and follows the AP4 formula in Australasia, taking advantage of the national rules facility for these cars to run, without scoring FIA championship points, on WRC events.

These allow locally homologated sets of components, including the engine and transmission units, to be installed in production cars, a concept which has been accepted by the FIA for international championship use in 2019 under the new R4-Kit regulations.

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