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Another major change in personnel at Citroen Racing

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Following the appointment of a new Technical Director, Citroen Racing personnel have been told that the team’s Polish Deputy Director, Marek Nawarecki, will leave during September, and that Rallye Deutschland was the last WRC event he would attend.

Nawarecki is to work for the FIA, and confirmed in the Polish magazine WRC that he will take on responsibilities in their racing department.

“Among other things I will be directly responsible for the WEC (World Endurance Championship) series.  My experience in this field comes from working at Peugeot Sport in 2010 and 2011 when I was in charge of the official Peugeot programme,” Nawarecki said.

“So this is a completely different challenge than before.  The future development of this discipline is at stake.”

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Nawarecki stated this was not a recent decision.

“Already before the beginning of the current season I was considering a change, during the season I made that decision definite.

“The beginning of the season was not a good time to change, we entered the WRC with a new project (C3 WRC) that required a lot of commitment and many decisions.  I did not want to leave, rallies will always be my greatest passion!”

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