The Australian Rally Championship could see a new control tyre introduced in 2020, but there is also the possibility that there will be no control tyre after this season. MRF has been the ARC's control tyre since 2017, but its contract runs out at the conclusion of the 2019 championship, at Rally Australia in November. "We'll go to the market in the next couple of weeks, calling for expressions of interest," CAMS' general manager of motor sport, Michael Smith, told RallySport Magazine. "MRF don't have an ongoing deal or a first right of refusal written into their contract, but we've been happy with what they've provided over the past two and a half years. "MRF have been a great partner for us and they have provided a good tyre that is well priced, and we've had a good commercial arrangement, but it's good governance to test the market."

MRF has been the control tyre supplier for the ARC since 2017.

Smith said that CAMS were open to different ideas regarding tyres in the ARC, one of which may be not having a control tyre at all.
"The benefits of a control tyre is that it is one less variable in the championship from a sporting point of view, and it helps to control the costs, which we are always trying to do," he added.
"However, nothing is off the table at this stage. Whatever deal takes place need to stack up in a commercial sense for the suppliers, and make sense for CAMS in both a commercial and sporting sense. "Parity is one of the important things to consider, as is the cost of the tyre." Some competitors have been put off running in the ARC over recent years because of the one-make tyre arrangement, which restricts individuals from having their own tyre deals through other brands, or via dealers or distributors. Drivers who have long-term arrangements with other tyre brands see the one-make rule as one that only adds to their costs, and means potential sponsors are lost to the sport. The one-make tyre debate is one that looks likely to continue to polarise the rallying community.

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