Noted historian Hal Moloney has recently released one of the most comprehensive listings of all the major Australian long distance trials and rallies covering the period 1936 until the present day. The result is a collection of not just stories from the individual events, but a listing of starters and finishers which has been carefully researched, thanks to Moloney’s quest for the truth. Acknowledging that there have been many post event reports that are either incomplete or incorrect, the author set out to ensure that the truth was faithfully recorded, and his result is a huge collection of data, stories and photos which should set the records straight once and for all. Want to settle a bet with your mates over who won the 1957 Ampol Trial for instance? Or what car ‘Gelignite’ Jack Murray drove in the first REDeX Round Australia? This book will answer all your questions and more.
Granny May Redex Trial

The elderly 'Granny May' was car one in the 1954 Redex Trial. Photo: George Shepheard collection

As well, there are day-by-day reports from some of the leading competitors, as well as Moloney’s own observations and stories gained from tracking down the truth over a 50 year period. “Long Distance Trials in Australia by Car, Plane and Motor Cycle” is so comprehensive that it includes a wealth of information (along with around 50 pages of results, the gathering of which must have been an enormous and frustrating task). It will go down in history as being the “bible” when accurate historical information is required. It’s not a fancy book – it could do with a good proof read – and while there are hundreds of black and white and color photos (some never published before), many are fairly small. But this book sets out to be a record of the facts that will prove to be the definitive book on these individual events. Copies are available from at $50 each and are well worth your purchase.

Events covered include:

1936 Centenary Car Rally 1953 REDeX Car Trial 1954 REDeX Car Trial 1954 REDeX Aircraft Trial 1954 REDeX Motor Cycle Trial 1955 REDeX Car Trial 1956 Mobilgas Trial 1956 Ampol Trial 1957 Mobilgas Trial 1957 Ampol Trial 1958 Mobilgas Trial 1958 Ampol Trial 1979 Repco Trial 1995 Mobil 1 Trial 1998 Playstation Trial  
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