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Changes aplenty as APRC gets major revamp for 2019

Japanese Skoda driver, Yuya Sumiyama, won the opening round of the APRC. Photo: APRC
Japanese Skoda driver, Yuya Sumiyama, won the APRC in 2018. Photo: APRC

There are significant changes coming to the Asia Pacific Rally Championship in 2019, brought about by the FIA, with support from the APRC Working Group, in response to the need to reinvigorate our championship.

Championship co-ordinator, Murray Brown, has given an update on the changes coming this year.

APRC 2019 regulation changes

▪ Eligible cars will include FIA homologated cars as well as National Approved Cars (ASN). The revised ASN car eligibility will be based on a designated weight/power ratio as determined by the FIA for both 2WD and 4WD cars

▪ Only drivers and competitors need to register. If the competitor and the driver are the same, only 1 fee is payable. Co-drivers do not need to be registered but will score Cup points as for the driver.

▪ The Asia Cup and Pacific Cup championships will continue as in recent years, with drivers and co-drivers scoring points at each rally of each Cup. All rallies will count towards the final result for the Cups.

▪ The APRC, APRC2, APRC3, Manufacturers championships and Teams Trophy will be decided at a grand finale at the end of the season. No points will be awarded for any of these championships at the qualifying rallies.

▪ To qualify to compete in the finale, competitors must compete in two qualifying rallies. The qualifying rallies are all the rallies that make up both the Asia and Pacific Cups.

Victoria’s Eureka Rally will be a round of the APRC in 2019. Photo: Luke Whitten

▪ Note that the finale (location yet to be confirmed) will NOT be a qualifying APRC rally. Competitors must compete in two other qualifying rallies. The finale will be a point scoring rally of Asia Cup.

▪ Appendix J – Article 253 will be the minimum basis for vehicle safety equipment. This includes the mandatory use of FT3 (or similar) safety fuel tanks. Vehicles fitted with standard/production fuel tanks will not be permitted to start.

APRC 2019 proposed calendar

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▪ The location of the grand finale is still to be finalised. It will be in either India, or China

▪ There will be 4 (four) qualifying rallies for Pacific Cup, 2 in New Zealand, and 2
in Australia

▪ Depending on the location of the grand finale, there will be either 4 or 5 qualifying rallies for Asia Cup, Indonesia, Malaysia, possibly 2 in Japan and China (if not the finale)

▪ The first rallies will be Rally Otago (NZL – 13-14 April), Rally Whangarei (NZL – 4-5 May), and Rally Tasmania (AUS – 22-23 June) Note: It will not be possible to compete in both Rally Tasmania and the first Asia qualifying rallies. (Rally of Medan – IDN – 6-7 July and possibly Rally of Johor – MYS – 3-4 August)

APRC & Cups Logistics

▪ In an effort to ensure all competitors have as many options available to them, to compete in the APRC rallies, I can provide a customised logistics service to meet your needs.

▪ As I have done for the last 20 years, I will be offering complete logistics services to competitors taking part in either Pacific Cup, Asia Cup, qualifying rallies and of course the finale.

▪ Once the calendar is confirmed I can provide a detailed logistics plan. In interim, please feel free to contact me directly to get further information.

  • Murray Brown

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