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Many have been critical of Motorsport Australia's 'revamped' two-round Australian Rally Championship calendar for 2020, making it pretty clear that some people are hard to please. On the one hand competitors and fans are champing at the bit to get back behind the wheel or into the forest, yet on the other hand they're taking cheap shots at the governing body for doing everything they can to get the sport underway. To be clear, I'm not all that thrilled that two rallies will decide the national championship, but in the current environment, surely that's better than having no championship at all. When you look at it in perspective, there's only three or four drivers that could win a full Australian Rally Championship (ARC) this year. Under the new two-rally calendar, that's unlikely to change. So what's the problem?
Motorsport Australia are charged with the job facilitating the ARC, and to the best of their ability in the current times, that's exactly what they're doing.
You may not agree with what they've come up with, but give them credit for doing their job.

Rallying, and life, is decidedly different because of COVID-19.

Maybe you're not be an AFL or NRL fan, but millions of Australians are enjoying watching their teams battle it out this season. It's different to what it's been in the past, but they have a product to watch, and their respective governing bodies have done remarkable work to make it happen. A national rally championship is a bit different. It's a volunteer sport (even for a factory team like Toyota), and as I've said previously, the idea of an AFL or Supercars-type hub simply couldn't work for rallying. Yet Motorsport Australia and the event organisers in South Australia and the ACT are doing everything they can to get rallying back.
After all the hard work and revised dates, it still may not happen though.
Victoria's ever-increasing positive COVID-19 test results will mean that large parts of the state will remain in lockdown for many weeks to come. If the virus gets a hold across other state borders, then you can be sure that the season's pretty much done. But while there's a possibility of the ARC happening, there remains hope among those of us who follow the sport closely. It may not be what we are familiar with, but then again, what in the year 2020 is?  

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