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Its domination of Australian rallying may not have been as strong as it was in the 1990s and 2000s, but Subaru's contribution to the sport over the past four years should not be underestimated. Subaru are second only to Toyota in their support of the Australian Rally Championship, and the hole they'll leave in 2020 will be far reaching.
After 10 years of total domination from 1996 to 2005, its return to the sport was never actually a fully-fledged works effort, but you'd hardly have known.
Run as a satellite team by Les Walkden Rallying and then Orange Motorsport, the squad appeared for all intents and purposes as a factory effort, but the budget was never what it could have been. Nor was the car, yet Molly Taylor somehow wrestled the big WRX through the forests to win the title and put herself into rallying's record books. Questions will no doubt be asked why the manufacturer hasn't gone done the AP4 route and built a lighter, faster car, perhaps even using the XV as the platform. But the core element of Subaru's rallying program has always been the Impreza WRX, and constructing something outside what they already make would tend to go against the company's long held beliefs.

Molly Taylor and 2016 ARC-winning co-driver Bill Hayes.

There's no doubt the team, and more importantly, its people, will be missed. Headed by public relations guru Dave Rowley, Subaru do Motorsport had an impressive group on all levels, from management right through to engineers and technicians.
Their absence from the ARC service park will be clearly evident, and the championship now faces the tough task of filling the void left by Subaru, and moving the championship forward.
That won't be an easy task. One of the championship's two manufacturers has taken their ball and gone home, and more than anyone else, Toyota won't want to be seen to be racing only themselves. We all owe a debt of gratitude to Subaru Australia. Their drivers, Possum Bourne, Cody Crocker, Dean Herridge and Molly Taylor, have become legends of the sport, not just because of their unquestioned ability, but because of the manufacturer they represented. So long Subaru. We'll miss you.

Molly Taylor excelled as Subaru's works driver over four seasons.

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