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Pirelli Tyres has been  selected as the control tyre manufacturer for the Tesco 99 Octane MSA British  Rally Championship.   

The 3 year agreement with Pirelli sees the BRC  introducing a prize fund to be spread across all classes in the Championship  with every finisher receiving prize money on every round.   

In addition to the substantial prize fund, Pirelli  have introduced a driver development scheme unique to the BRC which, under  their direct support, will see the winner being progressed in their careers.  

The move to a single tyre supplier for the  championship is the latest step made by the BRC to ensure a level playing  field to best showcase talent and ability in the six-round championship. It  comes after the successful introduction at the start of the 2006 season of a  control fuel and Group N regulations.

“A ground breaking package” is how BRC Manager Mark  Taylor described Pirelli’s announcement to support the BRC. “This initiative  will see significant benefits and a huge prize fund being ploughed back to the  competitors further highlighting future talent and provide even closer  competition on the stages.”
The key benefits  are:
•           Fixed  cost tyres supplied on each of the  events.
•           Equal  tyre availability and performance for every  competitor.
•           Pirelli Star Driver scheme which encompasses every class in the BRC will  select a “star” winner from each of the first five events. Going head to head  in a final shootout competition, the eventual winner will receive a fully  funded drive in a potential championship winning, top spec car in the 2008  Championship
•            Cash prize fund for BRC registered competitors in every class. BRC class  winners on every rally can win up to £500, runner-up places reducing down to  £100 for every finisher in each class in each rally 
•           Incentives  for foreign drivers to enter and compete in the  Championship
•           Pirelli marketing enhancements and increased media  profile

Pirelli won the tender process to supply  Britain’s most exciting and dynamic motor sport championship after bids were  submitted by five tyre manufacturers. 

BRC Manager, Mark Taylor says:
“Never before in the  British Rally Championship have competitors been provided with a chance to win  cash prizes of this magnitude, importantly these will be structured to support  all classes and registered finishers.

“The Pirelli Star driver scheme will be selected by a  majority objective set of criteria that will be known by everyone and  published by the end of the year. A project to identify true future talent,  the principal and importantly the winner could come from any class in the BRC  field. The inaugural winner will receive a fully funded drive in the 2008 BRC,  but in future years we have not ruled out prizes that could see Star Drivers  progress to the World stage.

“The joint Pirelli and BRC package for the 2007 season  sees the benefits of a control single make tyre, providing reward for  competitors, investment in Championship promotion and an undertaking from  Pirelli to provide incentives to foreign drivers from Europe to come and enter  the BRC.“

Paul Hembrey, Pirelli Motorsport  Director, says:
“Pirelli has over 30 years of rally heritage, and is  delighted to be chosen as the tyre partner for the reinvigorated BRC. The  focus on group N machinery has created a substantial interest in the Tesco 99  Octane MSA British Rally Championship, and working together with BRC, Pirelli  wishes to promote not only the championship, but also the development of  future International Rally Stars. This is an exciting time for British  rallying, and one that will evolve the BRC to once again be the premium  national rally championship in the world. “

In keeping with Pirelli’s most distinctive hallmarks,  innovation and research, the deal sees the very latest tyre technology being  used in what is Britain’s most exciting and dynamic motor sport  championship.
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