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Embarrassing end to Kenyan Safari Rally

2017 Safari Rally podium finish
After initial confusion, there were joint winners of the Safari Rally in Kenya.

An embarrassing dilemma facing the organisers of the biennial East African Classic Safari was finally resolved by the Sporting Stewards, who declared that there would be two joint winners!

The penultimate day saw every competitor except four being stranded in a mud hole.

Initially the organisers cancelled the section, putting the Porsche 911 of British crew Richard Jackson and Ryan Champion well ahead.

Later they revoked the stage cancellation, invoking a rule that competitors unable to finish a stage should be severely penalised.

This gave the Triumph TR7 V8 of Kenyan driver, Carl Tundo, an unbeatable lead.

In the end the Stewards adjusted the penalties so that both drivers finished the event on the same total penalty. No tie-deciding rule was applied.

Although mud holes are a traditional hazard on the Safari Rally, the embarrassment was that the organisers had promised to provide official vehicles at this point to help stranded competitors, but this was not forthcoming.

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