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Starting car eight for this weekend, Gill leads Mitsubishi driver Ronnie Bustard by a slender eight points, and needs to beat him to stay in that position.

The event will be the first time Gill has competed on the Coffs Coast, despite being entered in the event in 2019.

“We were meant to compete in Coffs in 2019, but it was cancelled due to bushfires,” Gill said.

“I’m excited about the chance to drive on the WRC roads of the 2010s.

“A lot of the roads we are using this year formed large parts of the stages for the WRC event, so there will be some iconic spots we will drive through.”

Due to Gill’s mid-season co-driver change, current co-driver Dan Brkic, cannot win the co-drivers title, but it’s well known that it’s a team effort and the glory will be shared.

“Everyone understands that it is a team sport, and just because Dan cannot win the title, doesn’t mean his contribution is any less valued.

“That is the same for everyone else in the team as well – everybody has played their part in getting us to where we are now.”

For Gill, it is a simple task. Finish ahead of Ronnie Bustard. While there are other ways that Gill can win the Production Cup title, finishing ahead of Bustard is the one simple thing that guarantees his win.

Gill, Brkic and their Subaru have prepared well for the rally, with the car undergoing strict maintenance in the weeks since the last event.

Furthermore, hours of stage footage and other research have put the pair in the best possible position to start the rally.

“It’s crunch time in the championship now, so everything we’ve done is to prepare ourselves as best we can. I’m confident in the car, so now our job is to be done on the stages.”

The Coffs Coast Rally covers almost 200km of competitive driving.

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