There’s something special about watching a rally car on stage being followed by a helicopter.

It improves the spectator experience, creates stunning images, and gives television an added extra.

Those fortunate to have experienced the thrill of following a rally car down a stage give glowing reviews. They hail it as ‘the best way to watch a rally.’

Though the expense is high, the atmosphere is just as good.

In recent years, drones have given fans a similar surreal experience - the feeling of flying above.

They’ve helped to provide amazing images, but nothing can beat the ‘chopper.’

At rallies in the past, I’ve taken images, video, competed, and simply spectated - there’s something just cool about it.

Take the image below of Harry Bates’ Toyota Yaris AP4 in action in Canberra.

Harry Bates Canberra jump

Harry Bates over the increasingly famous Colverwells jump in Canberra. Photo: Matt Whitten

The jump is great, the photo is also well captured.

Photos of this jump were taken from all angles and have provided images of great quality.

Compare it to Bates’ Corolla S2000, however, and the shot from 12 months previous takes the chocolates.

Just add chopper! Harry Bates over the same jump in Canberra in 2017. Photo: Matt Whitten

Canberra has been at the epicentre of many of Australia’s most famous rally memories, and the choppers there can give you the prefect view of a rally, or of the beautiful city.

Canberra Helicopters, a fantastic supporter of RallySport Magazine, offers fantastic opportunities to see the city from a different angle.

With Canberra a mainstay of the Australian Rally Championship, and the round of the Asia Pacific Rally Championship for the last two years, the event is likely to grow and grow.

Helicopters, not just in Canberra, but all over the world, improve the spectacle of rallying.

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