The club, open soon to enthusiasts both nationally and globally, is committed to advancing the passion and skill of rallying.

The Rally Car Club is affiliated with Motorsport Australia, a partnership that ensures that the events and activities conducted meet the highest standards of safety, regulation, and professionalism.

The club aims to promote, foster, and conduct rally-style motorsport events across Australia.
Allow people who have a passion for rallying to join a club dedicated to rally sport.
Promote rallying at all skill levels in Australia.

Leading the newly formed club will be President, Ron Moore, and Vice President, Ray Winwood-Smith, both of whom bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and dedication to the sport of rallying.

Their leadership will be instrumental in guiding the club towards its goals and ensuring a vibrant and inclusive community for all members.

Experienced event organiser and administration specialist, Adriana Pallister, will be the club’s secretary, with John McCredie fulfilling the role as the treasurer.

Ron Moore is the inaugural president of the new Rally Car Club.

“I am excited to be involved in this new venture,” Ron Moore said, “and it’s great to have a dedicated and enthusiastic committee around me. It’s great to have Andrew Mohr, Josh Redhead and Veronica Stack join our team and we can’t wait to share some of our ideas and future events.”

“We’ve already run our first successful event, with a test day a few weeks back for some of our newly invited club members. We hope to have membership open soon for the public and also have some more announcements about our flagship event, the Rally of Bathurst.”

The Rally of Bathurst, scheduled for November 2, promises to be an exhilarating experience, akin to last year’s celebrated Bathurst Rally. Ron Moore will serve as the Clerk of Course, with Adriana Pallister as the Secretary, ensuring the event runs smoothly and safely.

The Rally of Bathurst will be a round of the NSW Rally Championship, as well as a round of the East Coast Classic Rally Series, NSW Clubman Rally Series and NSW Hyundai/Kia Rally Series.

In addition to organising rally events, the Rally Car Club is committed to the education and development of its members.

Online Membership will be open soon and more information can be found on the club’s website or by emailing

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