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Following homologation on October 1, Hyundai appeared in Spain with various upgrades on their World Rally Car. Team Principal, Michel Nandan, explained these were joker homologations. “Firstly, there is a bodywork package which includes front bumper with splitter, rear wing and fender and bumper. All three cars are fitted with front bumper and splitter and rear wing, but here in Spain we cannot fit all the other new parts on every car because of building the parts.
“The other cars will have them later in the season, in Wales or Australia.
“This aero work will improve the balance from the car aerodynamically and also the downforce. Everything we did last year was in a hurry and we didn’t pursue all the possibilities. “Last April we started work on that, and everything was decided beginning of summer, so we decided to put everything in homologation for October 1st. “We have homologated also a joker upgrade on the engine, which concerns with the pistons. This change is aimed at reducing piston friction inside the engine, but gives a bit of extra performance. Not a big thing, but it’s still something. “Because of the component restriction rules concerning the number of engines, we have used this only on one car so far, on only number 5 car here (in Spain, for Neuville). Car (competitor) number 6 is already on the third engine, car (competitor) number 4 only on its second engine. “Back in time for Finland we introduced a new exhaust manifold, homologated since 1st July and in August we homologated a joker with new injectors, altering their spray pattern, which is also giving a little extra performance.
“As for other changes planned for the beginning of next year, at the moment, nothing is planned, we are still going forward with developments. We don’t know yet if we will introduce something, but we still have a limited number of extra jokers, especially on the chassis.
“We really want to analyse all the different items we have in development in order to evaluate them, if they really increase performance, then decide if we will introduce them or not.”

Andreas Mikkelsen is making his debut for the Hyundai team in Spain. Photo: RedBull Content Pool

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