Sixteen weeks after his horrific accident on the Rally of South Australia, Australian Rally Championship star, Scott Pedder, is still a long way from full fitness after a long list of post-accident problems.

Pedder, the early leader in this year’s ARC, hit a tree at over 150km/h an hour in his Lancer Evo IX, suffering multiple fractures to his legs.

As Pedder explained to RallySport Mag today, his recovery has been a long and painful one, and is far from being over.

The Group Marketing Director of Pedders Suspension provided this chilling timeline of the events since his accident at the end of June.

“Week 1 - Operation to place wires into right patella and re-attach patella tendon.  X-Rays ONLY done on both very sore and swollen feet.  Internal organs, ribs, neck etc. Very sore for weeks after - not surprising after a 156km/h to zero stop!

Week 4 - Upright and moving with the aid of crutches

Week 7 - Removal of wires and commencement of physio to bend right knee

Week 12 - MRIs conducted on both feet due to constant pain remaining, instability and swelling. Got right ankle results back ASAP and had three torn ligaments, significant bone bruising and split tendons - will heal over time with physio, so no need for another operation. Problems with left ankle – awaiting MRI results.

Week 14 - Finally left ankle MRI results come at the same time as a consultation with a foot surgeon. Having even not seen the MRIs when I met him (I had them under my arm as he shook my hand) he said "Mate - you've clearly got a broken left ankle!"

Upon looking at the left ankle MRI, I have a fractured left talus (bone below left ankle joint), together with the same ligament and tendon damage and bone bruising as on the right ankle.  Specialist surgeon thinks I am Superman for walking on a broken ankle for 10 weeks, and now I have to spend 6 weeks in a moon boot.”

Pedder says that the positive is that he can now bend his right knee past 100 degrees, and with good physio he should be back to normal by this time next year.

As for a return to rallying, he’s not so confident.

“Definitely not this year,” Pedder says, “and I must say, faced with the prospect (albeit for a short time) of imminent death, your priorities in life do change.

“Never again will I accuse someone for being a wanker when they talk about ‘seeing the light’.  With what was essentially three months away from work, rallying is the last thing on my mind!”

RallySport Magazine wishes Scott all the best for his continued recovery, and hope that we see him back to 100% fitness shortly, and back on Australia’s rallying stages in the future.
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