Owned be ex-pat Irishman Oisin McLaughlin, MCL M-Sport is one of the leading businesses tasked with building cars, but particularly Ford Escorts.

McLaughlin, like many in the sport, hold the classic Ford model close to his heart, and with many years’ experience under his belt has perfected his skills to culminate in a business that takes cars from start to finish in their build process.

“We’re a Queensland-based Ford Mk2 Escort build specialist specialising in maintaining, fabrication, new builds of modern spec Group 4 rally cars and full restoration road cars,” he explained.

Recently, a white Escort rolled off the ‘production line’ in Queensland – a car which had been with MCL M-Sport from start to finish, emphasising the full service aspect, and the quality of the business’s work.

“That white car came to us as a literal bare shell and was built to where it’s at now for Stuart Sinclair, who’s based in North Queensland.

“This one is a semi-classic build running a Pinto engine from England. It’s a full gravel rally car and one we built for him for ease of maintenance.

“It’s a very good car. It has a 60G base sequential gearbox, an Atlas axle, a pedal box and our newest power steering system.

“Of all the Ford Escorts you could build, this one’s quite tame, but it was built for the customer, and he’s very happy with the end product.”

Not everyone can drive like reigning champions Kalle Rovanpera or Harry Bates, but all competitors can get the same enjoyment from the sport from top to bottom.

McLaughlin and his business help enable that satisfaction by using the newest, modern technology to build Escorts or whatever reliable vehicle the customer might request on any given week.

“We can take the car from a bare shell and build it to each customer’s specifications and requests. Everything is done in-house, right from supplying the parts, to paint, to electrical and the final dyno tune.

“We can also cater for on-site testing to make sure the car is complete and properly ready to go for its first event.”

While the business specialises in Escorts, the range of cars they’ve dealt with is wide.

“We can venture to anything including Mitsubishi Evos, R5 cars, or anything. We can run and maintain the cars regardless of what it is and have great experience in doing so right up and down Australia.

“The workshop is in Queensland, but that doesn’t limit what and who we can service. In the past, our customers have dropped the car off as a bare shell, and had it returned as a fully functioning rally car.

“We don’t limit ourselves to a location, so all competitors both nationally and internationally can take advantage of our services.”

Based in Queensland, Oisin at MCL M-Sport can be contacted by the following means:

Facebook (MCL M-Sport) 

Phone: 0466 055 895

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Luke Whitten

Luke is part of the third generation of the RallySport Magazine team and holds a degree in marketing & communications.
Luke is part of the third generation of the RallySport Magazine team and holds a degree in marketing & communications.