The World Rally Championship Commission will recommend to the World Council that rallies counting towards the WRC be rotated, in some way resolving the current crisis situation.

After a meeting on June 14 it is now possible to bring new events into the championship that have already run as part of the current ‘candidate’ system, meaning that 22 possible events could make up future championships.
The commission recommended that the season be limited to 16 events,
except for the unique 2007 half-season, when nine events will run between January and the end of May, or the beginning of June. 

“There are two options how the rotation system can be brought into play, which are secret at the moment, and which will be presented before the World Council meeting on July 5 for a decision," a spokesman said. 

Event rotation was last used by the FIA to contain the size of the championship in the pre-World Rally Car years of 1994 to 1996, when events were guaranteed a position in the championship for two years out of the three.  In those days, 12 events were considered to be ‘too many'.

That system was unpopular with the organisers of the day, because of the promotional vacuum suffered in the third year and the consequential disruption to the organisational rhythm. 
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