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In what is believed to be a first in Australian rallying, one Targa West entrant will have edited vision from their five in-car cameras posted on YouTube just hours after completing each stage.
All internet eyes will be on car 15, the Messages On Hold Evo 9 driven by Messages On Hold boss Kym Illman. "My crew will be editing vision from the five in-car cameras throughout each of the four competition days (Aug 20-23) and uploading all stage videos at day's end," said Illman.

"We have one camera trained on the speedo, one on navigator Toni Spiers and I, an HD camera positioned between the seats facing forward and one camera on the front and rear bumpers." 

Audio from the driver/navigator intercom is mixed with engine audio from the front bumper camera, while vision from all cameras is cut together to give viewers a bird's eye view of what it's like piloting a top class rally car around WA roads at speeds of up to 230 kph.

Viewers will see more than 100 minutes of high quality Targa West action providing Illman and Spiers complete all stages.

YouTube viewers need only search on Targa West, Kym Illman or Messages On Hold to find the 32 individual stage runs.

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