The Coconut Resort Race team have survived the first four gruelling days of the Dakar, despite some setbacks.

The dynamic duo of Geoff Olholm and Steve Riley have encountered a locked diff, a BMW turbo diesel that keeps going into limp-mode, motion sickness and more in the first four days, but have stood tall throughout, gracing the enthusiastic Argentine fans with their humour, broad Aussie grins and general misbehaviour.

Race wise, the duo have punched above their weight, and now sit in 37th overall despite suffering lost time with mechanical problems in all four stages. They were forced to drive more than 200kms in limp mode on day two and on day three, as well as stop to remove the front drive shafts after the diff locked up on them. That meant a 250-odd kilometre drive in two wheel drive and with no turbo boost!

Steve Riley has been suffering from motion sickness, caused by looking down to navigate while driving, but says he is beginning to get used to it.

The butters have become firm favourites among Argentine crowds, even teaching the locals “Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi oi oi!” at every chance. Riley received a standing ovation from one crowd, stepping out of the car to take a photo with a young boy suffering from a mental disability.

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