In the new era of the Argentina Rally Championship that began with the new Maxi Rally cars, Federico Villagra remains as unbeatable as always. After he won whatever he aimed for at the wheel of a Mitsubishi - with different evolutions - the eight-time Champion is now enjoying a new affair with the Ford Fiesta MR.

Villagra claimed his fourth consecutive victory this weekend after obtaining another stunning win in the Rally Vuelta de la Manzana, the most traditional round of the calendar, an event he has already won in six occasions before.

Once again the VRS driver was clever enough to come up with a fast but cautious pace that enable him to safely make his way through one of the toughest rounds of the year. On the other hand, his main contenders got trouble while trying to give chase to "Coyote", and more than one failed indeed to complete the rally.

Juan Marchetto (Ford) and Claudio Menzi (Fiat), two of Villagra's main contenders in the title race drop out of the event when they were settled in podium position, whereas Diego Domínguez (Kia) and Juan Gil De Marchi (Chevrolet) could barely resist in such a demanding challenge. Only Raúl Martínez (VW) and Marcos Ligato (Chevrolet) were able to complete the rally; however, they had to sacrifice too much time.

Even more, Baratec driver Gabriel Pozzo (VW) dismissed the round -as i t is stated in the current regulations-, for what Villagra took the chance to open an important gap in the standings.

Federico still have to rule out one rally (it will be in the eighth round), and that's the opportunity his rivals are waiting for so as to know where exactly they are with regard to "Coyote".

Final Classification
1. F. Villagra-D. Curletto (Ford) 1h33m03,2s.
2. R. Martínez-F. Mussano (VW) + 1m14,0s.
3. M. Ligato-R. García (Chevrolet) + 1m37,2s.
4. O. Ibargüen-D. Rubio (Mitsubishi) + 2m15,5s.
5. G. Padilla-R. Kember (Ford) + 2m47,7s.
6. F. Bassi-R. Rinaudo (Mitsubishi) + 2m48,1s.
7. A. Cancio-S. García (Peugeot) + 3m01,8s.
8. A. Elvira-O. Tagle (Mitsubishi) + 3m26,1s.
9. N. Díaz-G. Piazzano (Mitsubis hi) + 4m15,2s.
10. O. Kovacevich-J. Kovacevich (Mitsu) + 6m30,6s.

1. F. Villagra 185
2. J. Marchetto    111
3. G. Pozzo     95,5
4. C. Menzi 71,5
5. J. Gil De Marchi    65,5
6. R. Martínez    60,5
7. J. Cantón     58
8. M. Baldoni     53
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