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The Audi Quattro. Arguably the most prestigious rally car that has ever laid rubber onto the stages across the world.

The big aero, accompanied by the raucous-sounding five-cylinder engine which it was renowned for, made it a crowd favourite all across the world.

And we built one.

It started as a routine trip to the local store to buy the essentials, where our build was sparked. A small item was a light bulb moment where we thought: “This is it, we can now build an Audi Quattro”.

That item was a box, and inside that box held the key to building our very own five-cylinder beast.

Blocks, wheels and little men, the build started.

Yes, we were building a LEGO Audi Quattro.

As I’m sure many of you did, I felt like a child building something out of LEGO, but the way it came out, I was proud of my work.

The detail on the toy is accurate, and very impressive.

The Quattro is the second rally car that LEGO have put on the market, after the 2018 Fiesta WRC, and I’m sure many rally fans have built both, just as I have.

To think that such accurate representations of real rally cars could be made out of square edged blocks is a credit to the manufacturers.

Lego's two rally cars, the Quattro and the Fiesta

So, LEGO, please extend your range of LEGO rally cars, as we will buy them all. Perhaps an Escort, a Subaru or a Lancia Stratos?


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