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Whiteline Tarmac Series set for another bumper season.

With entries closing in five days and with only 11 spots left for a capacity field of 90, this year’s Whiteline Tarmac Rallysprit Summer Series, promoted by North Shore Sporting car Club, is again setting new records.

Headed by Clerk of the Course Brett Middleton, round one is at least the 18th event in a row having a full field under his guidance.

So whats their secret?

“We treat entrants like customers (ironically avoiding the word competitors),” he said.

“We listen and do our best to deliver, we never assume we know what people want, we ask and ask and ask again.”

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Middleton’s concept is also being used to the benefit of the NSW rally panel via Rally NSW.

“Teams want more than just good events, they want PR, they want value, they want to feel wanted,” he added.

“Gone are the days of having a successful event based on good roads, or road book, or safety. It’s about the whole package,” he said.

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