World Rally Championship Commission president, Morrie Chandler, hopes that the FIA will ratify new rules designed to shape the future of the WRC at their meeting in October.

Chandler, from New Zealand, has produced ‘Vision 2012’ which will be presented at the World Council meeting in June.

“We’ll get some response to that in June and then we hope to have the final document for implementation or approval by the World Council at the October meeting,” Chandler said in British weekly, Motorsport News.

He said that he would meet representatives of the manufacturers to get an idea of where they were heading, and what technical specifications they would be using in 2012.

“There’s no point in us having technical regulations for turbo cars if the manufacturers aren’t going to be making turbo cars in a few years from now,” Chandler added.

“We’ll be having off-the-record discussions and will be telling them what’s on our mind and get their feedback.”

Key points of Chandler’s vision are:

Calendar: 16 rounds, but with a ‘in for two years, out for one’ system. More events outside Europe with Brazil, Indonesia and Malaysia keen to run events.

Format: Events to be over three days, despite talks of two day events. Remote servicing to remain, but SupeRally under review with a possible leg-by-leg points system.

Technical: World Rally Cars to stay, despite “downscaled” changes being developed.

Rules stability and a focus on eco-friendly changes which could attract new entrants.

Lower-spec tyres to slow cars and increase the spectacle.

Limited service time means cars will be more robust and reliable.

Regulations written so that they are easier for the public to understand.

Discussions about the viability of the new Intercontinental Rally Challenge becoming a feeder to the WRC.

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