The Dimension 1 Rally of Oberon is the 2nd  round of the 2009 AMSAG Rookie Series and will take place this weekend, Saturday 31st October.

The AMSAG Rookie Series was created at the start of 2009 and is coordinated by Oberon Rally director Jamie Neale. “We see the AMSAG Rookie Series as a fantastic way to gain the interest of the guy or girl sitting out there saying, I want to give rallying a go”.

The series is run as part of the cheaper events on the regular AMSAG calendar, and is open to any competitor as long as they have competed in less then 5 rallies as either a Driver or Navigator prior to their first Rookies Series rally, For example, if a competitor has been navigating only for say 3 years and decides they want to have a go at driving, they are eligible as a Rookie Series Driver as they have not competed as a driver in more then 5 events.

“The perfect example of this is in the Dimension 1 Rally of Oberon with Chris and Michael Long”, Jamie explains. “Chris has been navigating for a number of years with his brother Michael, however for this event, Chris will be behind the wheel for the first time and would be eligible for Drivers points, and Michael will be navigating for the first time and would be eligible for Navigators points”.

The points structure is aimed at rewarding overall competitiveness, not just winning. The points are allocated for the overall classification of the registered Rookie Series competitors, as well as the top 3 Rookies for each stage that is run. As an added incentive there are bonus points on offer for finishing an event with incurring a maximum stage time penalty, such as not starting or finishing a stage.

With the Rookie Series only being a part of a select few events throughout the year the current standings are based on the results of the previous Rookie Series Round, the opening round of the year at Jenolan. “Rookie Series competitors are able to enter the other rounds of the Pipe King Southern Cross Rally Series if they wish, so they can gain valuable experience behind the wheel, however they will only score Rookie Series points at the designated Rookie Series events” Jamie adds.

“We have a situation now where Jayke Skeffington, who is a very fast competitor is currently sitting 4th in the Overall Classic Championship due to his results in the Bathurst and Cowra rounds of the regular championship, however he is sitting in 3rd for the Rookie Drivers title due to an unfortunate DNF on the last stage at the last Rookies Series event, the Specialised Brake and Clutch Jenolan Rally”.

“Even if he gets a good result at the Oberon event, he still might not win the Rookie Driver series if the current points leader, Jarrod Gotch also scores some good points, it will be an interesting fight between all of the Rookie competitors”.

Drivers                                  Navigators    
Jarrod Gotch 43pts                Shannon Grills 53pts
Tim Joass 39                         Bryan McDarmont 42
Jake Skeffington 38               Scott McGuire 38
Glenn Inkster 35                    Trent Johnson 35
Anthony Campbell 31            Roschelle Batt 34
Michael Batt 30                     Lance Dye 31
Dave Shuttle 28                    John Duff-Gordon 26
Darren McGuire 24               Nicole Crowley 17
Adam Bolton 22                    Aaron Hoad 12
Robert Alexander 21            Mitch Brown 11
Tom Clarke 11
Rod Mackay 2
Matt Hope 0
Andrew Crowley 0
Leigh Brown 0

As always, spectator information is available via the AMSAG Website Competitors interested in upcoming AMSAG events as part of the 2009 Pipe King Rally Series can also find information about the club at the website.

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