Aussie's miraculous escape from horrific USA rally crash
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Aussie’s miraculous escape from horrific USA rally crash

James Rimmer crashed Subaru

Australian co-driver, Rhianon Gelsomino, and her driver, James Rimmer, have had a lucky escape in the Olympus Rally in the USA.

Driving a 10-year old Subaru Impreza WRX, Rimmer lost control and totally destroyed the car.

Thanks for the safety gear built into the rally car, both were able to walk away relatively unscathed.

“Thanks for all the messages. Big crash. I am ok. Just sore. James Rimmer has been taken to hospital with lower back and pelvis pain for precautionary checks. All the safety equipment did its job,” Gelsomino said on her Facebook page.

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Her husband, leading co-driver Alex Gelsomino, echoed those thoughts.

“Thankful to the engineers that design and make our cages, seats, belts, fire suppression systems, Nomex, head and neck devices and helmets.
And to the medical that assist us on the stages when it’s needed,” he said.

It’s another stark reminder that motorsport can be dangerous.

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