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Galfer Brakes have released a statement advising that there is a company in the Australian market selling or about to sell Galfer branded products, that are not made by Galfer.

“This is clearly an issue that concerns us a lot at Galfer, since not only could it create confusion in the Australian & New Zealand market, but it could also be a major safety issue, since a customer could be fooled into buying a product that has the same brand name but might be simply buying a product that will be of lesser quality and service as the true Galfer product,” Galfer’s Sandro Milesi said.
“In order to protect the integrity of our products and, most importantly, the safety of all of those using and trusting true original Galfer products, we strongly suggest you verify the source of the Galfer products you might intend to purchase. If your Galfer product is not from Mat Mladin Imports, do not trust the product,” he added.

Galfer Braking Systems and Mat Mladdin Imports are currently working to take action in resolving this matter.
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