The 2007 United States Rally Championship (USRC) is taking bold steps to make national competition more affordable and accessible to a larger number of rally teams.

The new Championship structure minimizes or, for many teams, eliminates the need for cross-country travel by providing competition on each side of the country with the final round deciding top spots in the Championship at the end of the year.


Teams may enter any number of events but will only score points in one Division – Atlantic or Pacific. Each team may count the best results from events with the maximum of 360%, with the final event, the Laughlin International Rally, counting toward both Divisions. The teams can achieve the maximum points for the Championship in as few as four events.


The top three teams in both the All-Wheel Drive Championship and the Two-Wheel Drive Championship from each Division will be invited to compete for the top six places at Laughlin International Rally. The Championship will subsidize travel costs for teams from the Atlantic Division with a fixed cash amount approximately equal to the cost of the cross-country travel.


“Fewer and fewer teams can afford towing back and forth across the country,” stated Michel Taylor, USRC President. “A meaningful National Championship needs to embrace the reality that most of our top competitors are professional and trades people who have been excluded from serious consideration in previous championship formats due to the time or financial demands of cross-country travel. With our new format, that has all changed.”



The new structure opens the Championship to all national and regional rally competitors without the requirement of an additional national license or higher national rally entry fees.

1. Sandblast Rally Feb17 NASA 60% Atlantic
2. Rally New York USA Mar 30-31 RNY 100% Atlantic
3. Subaru Rim of the World Apr 27-28 NASA 100% Pacific
4. Rally Tennessee May 5 NASA 100% Atlantic
5. Gorman Ridge Rally Aug 18 NASA 60% Pacific
6. Rally West Virginia Aug 18 NASA 60% Atlantic
7. International Rally New York Sept 7-8 RNY 100% Atlantic
8. Black River Stages Sept 29 NASA 60% Atlantic
9. Prescott Rally Oct 5-6 NASA 100% Pacific
10. Laughlin International Rally Nov 9-11 NASA 100% Atlantic.



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