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Brakes Direct stopping competitors in their tracks

Australian business, Brakes Direct, are now supplying replacement rotors for the homologated Group N Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 Brembo brake package.

The package is a direct swap for the Evo 9 homologated Brembo rotors, with no modification required.

Front rotors are 300mm diameter, and 30mm thick. They run a high 72 vane count for optimum cooling and maximum thermal mass, in order to absorb heat away from the pad under the rim-size-limited brake package.

They are a full floating unsprung rotor for maximum pad knock off prevention, and minimum heat transfer into the wheel bearing.

On the rear, rotors are 295mm diameter by 25.4mm thick. They run a lower 48 vane count to reduce the unsprung weight, given the lower demand on the rear brake package.

They are a semi-floating rotor, but can be converted to full floating should the customer wish, by removing the dampening straps.

“The key selling point for both the front and rear rotors is that, unlike the homologated Brembo rotors, the float is in the rotor, NOT the hat,” Brakes Direct’s Manager Director, Greg Latham, explains.

“This means that it’s the rotor that’s the wear surface, not the hat.

“Leading teams have reported that the hats on the Brembo set-up are almost as much of a consumable as the rotors themselves, and many competitors will replace them together.

“Our Forza rotors, which can now be used on cars outside of their homologation, will provide significant cost savings for competitors. The hats are made from 7075 alloy and hard anodised. Unless damaged, they will never need to be replaced, ever.

“I can’t stress how much this is a far superior design over the Brembo, which sounds crazy to say,” Latham added.

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“The Forza front rotor is a very similar design to that of the AP Racing homologated Subaru set-up, which is light years ahead of the Evo Brembo.”

The brake package can be purchased from Forza’s Australian rally experts, Brakes Direct, NA Autosport, Race Torque or Mike Dale Automotive. Anyone wishing to become a dealer of Forza rotors is encouraged to contact Brakes Direct.

The rotors retail for $549 per rotor, front or rear, for the complete two-piece assembly (rotors, hats and bobbins). The replacement cost of the rotor rings in future is retail $349 front or rear.

Replacement bobbins (if ever required) are $99 per rotor for the full-service kit.

Although relatively unknown in Australia and New Zealand, Forza rotors are already used in TCR by [V8 Supercar Team] Kelly Racing on their TCR Astras. After testing them on one car, they’ve now requested supply on their second car to replace the big brand rotor they were running.

In rallying circles, Emma Gilmour runs them on her Suzuki AP4 car, and they can be made to suit any AP4 set-up.

Even with custom hats, in 290-300mm diameter, and 28-32mm thick, the cost is the only $549 per rotor.

Brakes Direct also supply the GD Impreza homologated AP Racing set-up, and have the replacement rings to suit the AP Racing hats on the shelf to suit the front, $349 each. Rears will be available shortly.

Generic to all Forza rotors:
High carbon metallurgy:
– Optimal thermal conductivity
– Improved heat dissipation
– Inherently high resistance to distortion and thermal cracking
– Lower rotor wear
– Reduced levels of brake judder and noise from increased damping capacity

Directionally curved vanes:
– Improved cooling with higher airflow as the rotor acts as a centrifugal pump
– Improved strength and resistance to cracking compared to a pillar constructed rotor
– Smoother entry and exit of airflow through the rotor

Heat-treated castings:
– Prevents deformation
– Strengthens the bonds between the molecules
– Relieves stresses induced from the casting process

Forward-facing curved slots:
– Superior modulation and control
– Lower overall disc and pad wear
– Best balance between initial response and longevity

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