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Britain plans closed road rally possibilities

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Amid the growing anticipation of the arrival of regulations ending the rule that public roads cannot the closed on mainland Britain, the British federation MSA has listed their expectations on how the new rules will operate in practice.

An MSA spokesman explains that: “The legislation offers particular scope for hill climbs, which are currently restricted to private estate roads and therefore limited in length compared to similar events on the continent.

“Stage Rallies are also likely to benefit.  This could mean incorporating an urban stage into an existing forest-based event, or joining existing stages currently interrupted by lengths of highway, or even introducing full closed-road rallies.

“Finally there will be opportunities for regulated circuit racing on closed public roads, not seen since the Birmingham SuperPrix in the 1980s. Other disciplines are not precluded, but they are less likely to be financially viable.”

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The required procedures for Wales present different administrative challenges.

“There is a separate legislative process for achieving closed-road motorsport. This does not mean to say that there is a greater administrative challenge, but it does mean that there is further work to do before Wales hopefully adopts the closed road legislation that commenced in England on April 10.”

The MSA is planning to sanction a trial closed public road rally in Essex.

“To date the MSA has visited and inspected the proposed route and has appointed a Safety Delegate to the event.”

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