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Challenging event for 086 Rallying

Andrew Chapman in action in the Caves Classic Rally. Photo: Bruce Moxon

The Caves Classic Rally was another character building event for 086 Rallying driver Andrew Chapman.

Just before the start of the first stage the team had an o-ring fail on the oil cooler, so stage one was run with oil spraying out into the engine bay.

On stage two the team hit the same rock that a number other cars hit and severely bent the lower rear suspension arm. At the same time the exhaust pipe was crushed, dropping engine power.

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Chapman reported that stages three and four were fantastic, but with no oil cooler the oil temp was up to 135 degrees C, so he was forced to short shift to keep temperatures under control.

Stage five saw a flat front tyre, so they went into finish mode over the rest of the stages. After a trying day of rallying the team finished 18 outright, 5th in CRS and 1st in class (1601 – 2000cc) for CRS.

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