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The 2014 WA Rally Championship season will be officially launched at Performance Weston Great Eastern Highway in Ascot at 7pm on Wednesday, March 5.

Competitors, crew members, officials and rally enthusiasts are invited to see cars on display and hear stories from Dakar driver Garry Connell. It’s also a chance to speak with event organisers and RallyWA panel members about a number of changes to the 2014 season.

These changes include modifications to the 2WD Challenge. Those competitors will no longer have seeding restrictions. They’ll also compete with road books only, a move that’s designed to give them a clear and simple step from the Clubman Cup Series to WARC. They will have a greater competition distance using the same format as the Clubman Cup Series but no costs related to pace noting stages before events.

Along with that change, 2WD Challenge competitors and those in the Clubman Cup field will receive their road books on the day of the event rather than at metro documentation. This should level the playing field for country competitors and allow metro competitors to comply with the recent restrictions as to what can be noted in the road book.

There have also been a couple of modifications to the presentation of trophies because it was found clubs were buying trophies which they were unable to award to anyone.

Now the essential trophies are simple: first, second and third in WARC Outright, 2WD Championship, 2WD Challenge and Clubman Cup Series, as well as first Rookie and first Club Rally Car. Club Rally Cars will have their own awards and will no longer be classified as ineligible, but are still not eligible for state classes.

Event organisers will be able to offer additional trophies for competitions as they decide upon. Production Rally Car (PRC) class trophies will be awarded for the series at the end of the WARC but not for each event.

Also, following each event www.rallywa.com will become the official source of information including results. The results crew will be able to correct obvious errors in the results the day after an event and before making the results final. It will be important for competitors to check the results online the day after the event.

Competitors should also be aware of a couple of new CAMS regulations.

While it was announced some time ago and has already been implemented by many competitors, it is now a requirement,for national level entrants and below, that protective padding on all cars’ safety cages comply with SFI specification 45.1. Alternatively, competitors may use FIA standard 8857-2001 padding.

The SFI and FIA padding is designed to better absorb any impact of a competitor’s helmet or body than the old ‘pool noodle’ or ‘steam pipe’ padding. CAMS advises padding should be fitted as per the manufacturer’s instructions and may be held in place by a non-flame retardant fixture, like cable ties.

Scrutineers will ensure the safety cage is padded in any area on which a competitor’s helmet could possibly impact.You can get the full rundown with diagrams here. See item 11.

If you’re yet to fix SFI padding in your car’s safety cage, RallyWA’s sponsor Performance Racegear sell it in a range of sizes and colours for $39 per 900mm. They also have the FIA padding which is slightly more expensive.

Another change from CAMS is an amendment to the regulation regarding sill protection. The update means it’s now okay to add material either directly in contact with the sill area or as a flap-style protection to the underside of the sill.

Competitors can fix this protection directly to the side of the car, in front of the rear wheel, and the changes were outlined in CAMS Bulletin B13/095. You can read more here.

RallyWA wishes all its competitors the best in getting ready for the new season and we look forward to seeing you at round one, the Quit Forest Rally, which runs from April 4 to 6 around Nannup and Busselton.

As well as kicking off the WARC competition, the event celebrates its 30th year as a round of the Australian Rally Championship in 2014.


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